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How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor

Updated: Mar 23

Finding a contractor to remodel your current home or build you a new one can be a difficult task. The hot housing market in Denver can make it especially challenging because there are so many companies to choose from. So how do you know which contractor to choose? Let us help you.

choosing a remodeling contractor in Denver


When it comes to your initial meeting with a potential builder, make sure they are on time & appear to have everything ready to go. Respecting your time is an indicator of a true professional. Whether you will be experiencing a new home build or a remodel, it is going to be a long process. It will save a lot of headaches if your builder is punctual and organized.

Your Contractor is Easy to Reach

Contractors are busy people! Although busy, if you do not receive a call back within a timely manner, you may want to consider other options. A professional will either be available when you call during business hours, or call you back as soon as they are able. It makes a noticeable difference when you have someone to talk to initially, but you also need to be able to touch base and voice your concerns throughout the project. It is beneficial to have a reliable contractor who will keep you aware of any issues that arise as well as how let you know how your project is progressing.

They Have Referrals

As with hiring any company or individual, referrals are a great way to check in with others who have previously worked with your potential contractor. It is not a good sign if someone doesn’t want to give you referrals. Whether it be people they work alongside or from previous customers, it is reassuring to hear about the finished product, professionalism, and disposition of the builder you could potentially be working with.

beautiful remodeled primary bathroom in Cherry Hills, Denver Colorado

They Have Reviews/Recommendations

The internet is invaluable when it comes to assisting potential consumers with locating a reputable company or product. Most companies will have multiple reviews from customers with different experiences, both good and bad. However, make sure to look at what those negative reviews are saying. For example, was the customer unhappy with a situation that was out of the builder’s control? Does the complaint address specific issues such as missed deadlines or a final cost that was over the agreed-upon budget? Sometimes company reviews are a platform for venting on situations that may have been unavoidable, such as material availability or unforeseen circumstances.

The best course of action is to write a list of contractors you are interested in working with, compare their reviews, prices, and portfolios, and then narrow it down to your top three choices. Schedule times to meet with the final three companies and make a list of the pros and cons for each one. After meeting with the individuals you will be working with directly, you should know which builder you best connect with.

Reasonably Priced

As with any service, the lowest price does not necessarily equal the best value. Although a cheaper alternative can be tempting, this is usually not the wisest choice. When building a home or planning a remodel, quality should be your top priority. Denver currently has one of the tightest markets in the country, so keep that in mind when building. Choosing a company that has a reputation for producing a quality product will pay off in the long run. Nobody wants to be repairing items that they have recently spent a lot of money on. Paying a slightly higher fee in the beginning could be the difference between having repairs in the next ten years, or repairs in the next two years.

Good Remodeling Contractors are Organized

Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling your current home, there will be an element of stress involved. However, clear communication and a detailed plan will make the process easier. Everyone involved needs to be on the same page when the project begins, but also have a willingness to be flexible as you move through the process. Things can change because of unforeseen circumstances either with a change in plans by the homeowner, or a necessary change in direction by the builder. Without an organized contractor to keep everyone on track and informed, there will be more frustration than necessary.

They Are Honest

The last thing you want is a dishonest contractor. All of the details should be included in a contract that you sign before any work on the project is begun. If there is no contract, that is a red flag. Without a written plan including a time frame as well as total estimated cost, there can be many misunderstandings. Contracts can vary from builder to builder, so make sure to read through the entire document and ask your builder for clarification on what you do not understand before signing.

If you would like to learn more about Evoke Custom Builders, please visit our About page, or give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have!

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