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Schluter vs. Bullnose: Which Tile Edging is Best?

Updated: Feb 19

Schluter shower niche tile edging

If you are venturing into the world of a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you will certainly hear plenty of industry jargon. Schluter and bullnose are two terms you are bound to encounter. But what exactly do they mean? These terms refer to the different methods of transitioning the edge of your installed tiles to the next material — a necessary step due to the irregularities that occur when tile is cut. Both are great options, but when choosing one, you’ll want to consider the space where the tile is being installed and the look you’re trying to achieve. Let's take a closer look at these tile edge finishing options.

What is Schluter tile edging?

Schluter, named after its creator Werner Schlüter, is a tile edge trim that is typically crafted from aluminum or stainless steel. Schlüter had a simple yet brilliant insight: An L-shaped metal angle, installed before laying tiles, could provide protection for the tiles, conceal the unglazed edges, and create a neat, clean transition to adjoining surfaces.

This square edge offers a sleek yet simple look when transitioning from tile to another material or around a corner — especially in bathroom and kitchen remodels. Plus, it allows homeowners to match the Schluter material finish with the hardware and fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom, such as lighting and cabinet handles and pulls. With a variety of heights and finishes available, Schluter strips can seamlessly blend into any bathroom or kitchen remodel for a clean look and feel.

Bullnose shower niche tile edging

What is Bullnose tile edging?

Bullnose refers not to a material but to the shape of the tile edge itself. Think of it as a smooth, rounded edge on the tile, which enhances its durability and reduces the chances of breakage due to wear and tear. This look is achieved when the edge of a tile is ground down and shaped to give it an elegant, rounded edge finish. Not all types of tile offer bullnose edging, though it suits a wide range of tile styles, including natural stone and porcelain.

So, which option should you choose for your bathroom or kitchen remodel: Schluter or Bullnose? Both choices offer durability, aesthetic appeal, and safety. There's no definitive right or wrong choice here — it really boils down to personal preference. Schluter is a hot favorite in modern bathroom remodels, while bullnose is popular among those seeking a more elegant, rustic feel. Cost-wise, several variables come into play, with the type and material of tile chosen being the most significant price factor.

Remember, this is your remodel. Do your homework, evaluate the installation area, and choose the option that best aligns with your taste and requirements.

And be sure to check out our Gallery for more inspiration and photos of both options!

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