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Schluter Vs. Bullnose

Schluter shower niche

When starting the remodeling process, especially for bathrooms and kitchens, it is inevitable that the words Schluter and bullnose will come up. So what are they? Schluter metal strips and bullnose edging are different options to make the edge of the tile being installed transition smoothly to the next material. This is because when tile is cut, it breaks and does not have a perfectly straight and smooth edge. Both options are great choices, but when choosing one, you’ll want to consider the space where the tile is being installed and the look you’re trying to achieve.

Schluter is a tile edge trim material that is usually made from aluminum or stainless steel. Werner Schlüter, the creator of Schluter metal strips, explained that, "A metal "L" angle, installed prior to placing tiles, would not only serve as edge protection, but also hide the unglazed edge and provide a straight and clean transition to adjoining surfaces." This square edge offers a very clean, yet simple look when transitioning from tile to another material or around a corner — especially in bathrooms, not to mention, the homeowner can coordinate the Schluter color with the shower hardware and other bathroom fixtures such as lighting and vanity handles. They come in a variety of heights and finishes so you can match the metal strips to any kind of remodel.

Bullnose shower niche

Bullnose is similar to Schluter in the sense that it is a way to make the edge of tile transition more smoothly to another material or surface. However, bullnose is not a material, but rather an actual tile edge. It is a rounded edge on the tile itself. It is important to keep in mind that bullnose edging is not available for all types of tile, but can accommodate a wide variety of tile styles. This edging is a good choice because it is makes the tile more durable and less likely to break because of everyday wear and tear.

So, which should you choose? Both edge options are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe choices. There is not a correct decision, but it rather depends on preference. In many modern bathroom remodels, Schluter is a popular option, but there are a handful of people looking for an elegant, more rustic feel, and they typically choose to go with the bullnose. As far as cost, there are a number of variables, with the biggest cost factor being the type of tile that is selected. Remember, this is your remodel. Do your research, assess the area that the bullnose tile or Schluter will be installed in, and pick which one best fits your needs and style!

You can check out both options when you browse our Gallery!

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