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5 Signs It's Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

Updated: Mar 25

A question frequently asked is, “How can you determine when it is time for a kitchen remodel?” Although there is not a specific right or wrong answer, here are some reasons that might indicate it’s time for a renovation.

Remodeled kitchen in Denver

You’re Out of Space - It's Time to Remodel

If it is a constant struggle to find counter space to prepare food or even set groceries down when you walk into the kitchen, it may be time to consider a remodel. If you cook often, this room should be a comfortable place in your home because so much time is spent there. Aside from counter space, it is important to have enough open floor space to move around the room comfortably. Can multiple people cook at the same time or is it too crowded? Lastly, you’ll want to consider storage space. Are there enough cabinets to hold all of your dishes and cookware? Do you have a big enough pantry for canned goods and other items?

Industrial Kitchen Remodel - Loft in downtown Denver LoDO

Your Family Will Be Expanding

If you are planning on expanding your family in the near future, consider kitchen size. Whether parents are moving in, family visits frequently, or you will be bringing a little one into the family soon, adequate kitchen space is very important to the overall functionality of a household.

Contemplate how many people are generally in the kitchen at the same time cooking. If there is not currently enough room — fret not. There are many options to resolve this issue by making better use of the space you have, whether it’s adding a double oven or adding or removing a kitchen island, the possibilities are endless.

Modern white kitchen remodel in Castle Pines Colorado

Your Kitchen is NOT Energy-Efficient

This may not seem like that big of a deal right now, however, an energy-efficient home not only cuts back on unnecessary energy use, but it can also save you a significant amount of money. This can be achieved throughout the entire house, but specifically in the kitchen, new appliances are a must. For example, an energy-efficient dishwasher can yield a water usage savings of up to 30 percent. Although a remodel that includes all new appliances can get pricey, it could save you money in the long run. Keep in mind that the more outdated appliances are, the more money they are costing you.

Cleaning is a Challenge

If cleaning your kitchen has become more of a challenge thanks to dingy countertops or flooring, some simple remodeling can help to make it sparkle. Perhaps you have tile countertops. These are a challenge in and of themselves. Not only is it extremely difficult to clean grout, but if you have cracked tiles, they soon become an abyss of food and grime.

An upgrade to marble or granite countertops can help to make the cleaning process a breeze. Floors can also be a culprit when it comes to cleaning challenges. If you have older flooring that is cracked or buckled it can trap dirt and other debris that is difficult to get out. If your kitchen floor still looks dirty even after you clean it, it may be time to consider upgrading it to a newer and easier-to-clean flooring material. There are many different options for easy-to-clean flooring, from hardwood to tile, tile that looks like hardwood — and more!

Modern kitchen remodel Parker Colorado

Bringing Down the Value of Your Home

Nothing adds more value to your home than an updated and functional kitchen. And with the housing market in Denver Metro Colorado at an all-time high, you may want to consider using a portion of your equity to further boost your home’s value. If you are looking into renting or selling your home shortly, a kitchen remodel is a great investment that will guarantee you fetch a higher price, allowing you to recoup your money and likely make additional profit too.

Even if you are planning on staying in your home for years to come, a remodel could benefit you. Since this is the main gathering area for family and friends, you want it to be functional, and beautiful to fit your style.

A kitchen remodel is a large investment and is not something that is decided overnight. But with a strong Colorado housing economy, there has never been a better time to make improvements to the areas of your home that matter the most. No matter when you decide to renovate or remodel make sure you are well-prepared before you embark on the project.

stunning natural wood cabinets in this kitchen remodel in cherry Hills Village Colorado

If you have questions about remodeling your kitchen and want to learn more about the options available, contact us today. We’d love to help you make your kitchen your favorite room in the house.

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