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Design Tips For A Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Feb 15

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it can quickly become overwhelming. After all, there are endless details to lock into place — but before you get too caught up in all of those details, you will need to first think about the layout and design of the kitchen before you begin. Here are some tips to maximize your cooking space and create the perfect kitchen.

Kitchen remodel design tips

Add a Kitchen Island

Adding an island to your kitchen creates a central gathering place that provides numerous benefits. Aside from the additional working space, it can be adapted to fit your needs. Whether you are seeking more space for people to sit and gather, or simply wanting a housing unit for more cabinets or outlets, an island is a wise option. This is especially something to consider if you are short on counter space or spaces to house appliances. An island can be used for a cooktop, sink, or even a dishwasher underneath. When choosing an island, the possibilities are endless!

Open Up the Room

Having every room in the house completely closed off from the others is something of a dated design concept. When remodeling, consider integrating the kitchen to the other common areas so that there is a good flow from one space to the next. This will allow you to prepare meals or work in the kitchen without being isolated from the other people and things going on. Eliminating walls will also increase the amount of natural light, making the room brighter and making it look and feel bigger.

Choose a Simple Color Scheme

In the homebuilding and remodeling world, neutral color preferences have changed. Lighter colors like beige and tan for interior paint are being passed over for various shades of gray. Gray can create a chic, modern look for your house. If you plan on staying in your home for years to come, the paint color might not be as big of a deal, but if you are planning on selling your home, you’ll want to pick a popular, neutral color scheme such as one in the gray family. This is a large selling point for buyers.

Open kitchen with white cabinets large center island and stainless appliances

Focus on Lighting in Your Kitchen Remodel

When beginning the kitchen remodel process, there are many things to get excited about. Appliances, cabinets, countertops, and of course, decorations to give your kitchen that personal and unique touch. Lighting, however, is one thing that is often glossed over when selecting these kinds of details. There are many options — recessed can, surface-mount fixtures... and the list goes on. In many older homes, the lighting in the kitchen is often minimal, making it difficult to use the space effectively. Updated and modern fixtures will provide light to every area in your kitchen. After choosing the perfect overhead lighting, consider under-cabinet lighting or unique countertop lamps. Not only will these add an elegant look to your kitchen, but they will also make it more appealing and user-friendly.

These are just some ideas of ways you can get the most value out of your kitchen remodel — but remember that every detail of the remodeling process is completely your decision. Everyone has their own design ideas and countless options cater to the size of the kitchen as well as the homeowner’s budget.

If you have questions about a kitchen remodel, please contact us today. We work with every type of space, and every type of budget to help you make your remodeling dreams a reality!

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