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4 Ways To Prepare Your Colorado Home For Cold Weather

Updated: Mar 25

Colorado is undoubtedly one of the best states to live in and it’s no surprise that more than 220,000 people moved to The Centennial State last year alone. One of the best parts about living in Colorado is that residents get to experience all four seasons. But Colorado homeowners understand that unfortunately, that means your house experiences all four seasons too. Winter can be among the most harsh on your home, both inside and out. Luckily there are many ways to keep your home protected from cold weather in Colorado when Old Man Winter comes to call.

Preparing your Colorado home for a cold winter

Seal Windows And Doors

Having gaps in windows and doors lets the heat out and the cold in. Aside from making it difficult to achieve an ideal temperature inside, this can also cause costly utility bills. Between leaky windows and doors, your house in the Denver metro area could be losing up to 30% of its heating energy. Weather stripping around doors and caulking around windows are simple solutions that won’t break the bank and will save you hundreds in the long run.

Protect Your Pipes from Cold Weather

When water freezes, it expands. When this happens inside of pipes, they can burst, which can lead to damages that average over $5,000. Luckily, there are simple ways to prevent burst pipes. These include some easy solutions, such as blowing out your sprinklers in the fall, and insulating water pipes that are located in unheated areas. Although blowing out your sprinklers is an option, it can be tricky and there is more room for error. Hiring a professional to do this can be less hassle and generally costs between just $50.00 and $100.00. Another way to protect your pipes is with insulation. Pipes located in the attic, garage, or basement are more likely to freeze from the lack of heat reaching those areas. Believe it or not, 37% of pipe failures occur in the basement, so it is well worth the investment to install insulation before you have a larger, costly problem on your hands.

custom build home in Denver Colorado

Clean Your Gutters

It’s always important to keep your gutters clean, but never more so than in the winter. When gutters aren’t cleaned out, they do not direct water away from the eaves of your house, which can cause dry rotting as well as water to leak off in unintended areas, causing icy conditions on paths. You can clean out your gutters by yourself by getting on a ladder, pulling out debris, and sealing any cracks that may exist. If this seems like too much or a hassle or too dangerous, hiring someone may be a better option. It is difficult to estimate the cost of gutter cleaning because many factors come into play, including how many sides of your house have gutters, the slant of your roof, and the amount of debris in your gutters.

Remove Overhanging Tree Branches

Snow takes a toll on even the sturdiest of trees. If there is a questionable tree branch looming over your house, save yourself the future cost and get it removed before the snow begins falling. If snow causes a branch to snap, it can damage not only your home, but your car, or even injure a person. This could mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket for repairs or settlements.

Winter time, especially in Colorado, can be tough on your home, but by taking some simple precautions, you can save yourself headaches — and a lot of money in the long run.

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