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5 DIY Home Improvement Projects

Being stuck indoors can get boring; fast. But it doesn’t have to be! This is a great time to easily give your home an updated look with these simple, budget friendly home improvement projects.

Paint A Room or Accent Wall

A fresh coat of paint can make any room look more modern and stylish. If painting an entire room seems like a daunting task, consider painting an accent wall. An accent wall should be a bold color that stands out and grabs your attention. If you are looking for something a little more challenging, create an accent wall with a design. This will take more work and creativity, but will still only require paint, tape, and stencils if needed.

accent wall

Start A Garden

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to start a garden. Gardening will take some time to perfect, but fortunately is fairly simple and cost effective. Purchasing flower pots, garden decor, and a watering can from the Dollar Store is sure to keep you on budget. However, you should purchase higher quality potting soil as well as seeds from a home improvement store such as Home Depot. If you do not want to start with seeds, you can also transplant a partially grown plant into your garden.


Update Cover Plates

Changing covers on outlets, vents, and switch plates is an easy home improvement that will make a huge difference in the appearance of your house. The only tool you will need is a screwdriver. There are various designs for covers at Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, and numerous other companies. Whether you are seeking a more traditional or modern style, you are sure to find the perfect fit!

register cover

Hang Curtains

Hanging curtains is a great way to add color and design to a room. All you will need is a curtain rod, curtains, and a drill or screwdriver. If you have an accent wall, matching colored curtains will help tie the room together. They are also beneficial in the spring and summertime to help deflect the heat. Adding curtains to any room is sure to make your house feel like home!


Upgrade Door Handles & Cabinet Pulls

Can’t afford a full kitchen remodel, but want to make a change? This simple upgrade is often overlooked, however new door handles and cabinet pulls can make your house look more modern. Many older homes have brass colored finishes which can date your house. There are a variety of finishes for handles and pulls to choose from. This home improvement is beginner friendly and will only require a screwdriver and the hardware of your choice.

front door handle

We hope these DIY home improvement projects will keep you busy while cooped up inside! Of course, if you are in need of a full remodel, we are always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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