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4 Ways to Maximize Space When Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Updated: Mar 23

Every kitchen is a unique blend of architectural design and personal style. However, when it comes to a small kitchen remodel, the existing structure can sometimes limit your options. This is particularly true for many older houses in Denver metro area, which often feature closed kitchen layouts with cramped countertop areas and insufficient storage. But don’t worry! We've got some innovative ideas on how to make the most out of your small kitchen space.

Small kitchen remodeling tips from Evoke Custom Home Builders Denver Metro Colorado

Break Down Walls to Create Space

The most straightforward method to expand your small kitchen is by adding square footage through wall removal. This tactic works wonders if the wall isn't load bearing. Removing a non-load bearing wall is less expensive and less complicated, but remember, such walls can house plumbing, electrical wiring, and even gas lines. If you're unfamiliar with these elements, it's best to hire a professional, as these utilities will need rerouting. If the wall is load-bearing, replacing it with architectural columns or other supports can be costly but worthwhile for a more open floor plan.

Add Cabinets to Your Small Kitchen

The mantra for small kitchens is “the more cabinets, the better.” Cabinets come in endless designs, styles, and colors, allowing you to customize your kitchen to your heart's content. Besides aesthetics, they provide much-needed storage, making your kitchen look spacious and clutter-free. Show off your fine china or keepsakes using glass-door cabinets for a touch of elegance. In older homes, there's often a wealth of untapped space. For example, installing cabinets that extend up to the ceiling can dramatically increase your storage area.

Integrate a Portable Island

A roll-away island is a small kitchen game-changer. It gives you extra workspace for cooking or baking and can be moved aside when extra floor space is needed. When not in use, stow it away to enhance the spaciousness of your kitchen and facilitate movement when hosting large gatherings. If you lack storage space for the island, consider designs that can slide under your countertops.

Choose Light, Bright Colors

Lighter paint colors can create an illusion of a larger space, making small kitchens appear more open and airy. While dark colors absorb light, lighter hues reflect it, amplifying the sense of space. Adequate lighting, whether natural or artificial, can further enhance this effect, making your kitchen look larger and more inviting. Pair this with light wall colors, and you'll create a welcoming, expansive feel in even the smallest of kitchens.

At Evoke Custom Builders, we’ve navigated remodels for numerous kitchen layouts and would love to assist you with your small kitchen remodel. If you would like a free estimate, please contact us today!

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